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esoBrand Store

HK , MO , TW , KR , SG , MY , TH , AU , NZ , EU – all are available for oversea local currency payment

This product is suitable for :
1. SMEs  selling products
2. WeChat Branding x Mini App develop Fans Base
3. TikTok KOL short video boost sales

Chinese consumers settle their payment via RMB WeChatPay wallet , the payment will convert to the foreign local currency in real-time: HKD、MOP、TWD、KRW、JPY、SGD、MYR、THB、AUD、NZD、EUR、USD、GBP、CAD、RUB、DKK、SEK、CHF、NOK

esoChain Multi

This product is suitable for :

1. Cosmetic Pharmacy branches chain offline stores
2. Timepiece Watch industry chain offline stores

3. Jewelry Diamond chain offline stores

*Merchants can apply for TVP Technology Voucher Program Innovation and Technology Fund

esoMall - Platform

This product is suitable for :

1. Chambers of Commerce or retail associations
2. Business organizations or groups 

3. Shopping malls or shopping centers

*Platform can apply for BUD funding sponsor  


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